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The Affordable Care Act as a National Experiment Health Policy Innovations and Lessons

The Affordable Care Act as a National Experiment: Health Policy Innovations and Lessons by Harry P. Selker and June S. Wasser
English | 2013-09-30 | ISBN: 1461483506 | PDF | 155 pages | 3 MB

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Businesses can never be too careful when it comes to properly and securely disposing of data-bearing devices. Oftentimes, these devices get overlooked during the decommissioning of systems, and this greatly increases the risk of them ending up in the wrong hands. However, even if the drives have been formatted beforehand, that doesn't guarantee that any data on them has been properly deleted. With the right software at hand, anyone can recover the data provided it hasn't been overwritten at least once. Fortunately, however, there is now a solution for securely erasing data and one that's designed for large-scale usage, such as those concerning data centers and other major industrial applications. KillDisk Industrial is one such solution, since it supports the parallel erasure of over 100 devices combined with support for hot-swappable operation to keep the sanitization workflow continuing without any interruptions.

KillDisk Industrial is designed to run either on Linux- or Windows-based systems. It is best used on server systems that are dedicated to securely erasing data, since it is optimized for quickly adding or removing storage devices during operation to ensure a continuous workflow. You can then use the system to automatically erase upwards of 100 disks all at the same time, while the automatic mode may be programmed to perform actions on storage devices the moment you connect them. For example, if you have huge numbers of hard disks or solid state drives that need securely erasing, automatic mode allows you to hot-swap them as necessary without having to perform any additional actions. The system can then automatically send print requests to print out certificates and reports detailing the process.

With KillDisk Industrial at your disposal, you'll have a range of advanced tools at your disposal, including additional disk analysis tools. For example, you can perform detailed disk examination using the included SMART monitor, built-in file browser or even the provided hex viewer. In other words, you'll be able to garner a complete knowledge of the contents of the drives while also being able to enjoy full control over them. The disk examination tool can also scan for bad sectors, which is ideal when you're thinking of reusing or selling the erased disks. Should any bad sectors be discovered before erasing the drive(s), you may want to physically destroy them instead. Another feature provided including the ability to clone master disks or images.

Meeting dozens of internationally recognized standards, KillDisk Industrial provides complete peace of mind. It allows you to choose from a variety of different standards and methods, including those which involve multiple passes of the storage device. A useful set of advanced features, including the ability to specify batch operations, allows for even greater customizability in the most demanding of industrial applications. Additionally, the tool supports various other types of storage devices, including anything connected to USB or eSATA supports, to it's also great for sanitizing large batches of USB pen drives or external hard disks. If you want to find out more about secure data erasure, take a look at http://killdisk.com/killdisk-industrial.htm.

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