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Broken Minds - Welcome 2 Brokenland (2016)

Prepare for destruction as the macabre and the beautiful dance together. Join the festivities with the hardcore horror show that is Brokenland. A theme park for the wicked. Luring you in with promises of adrenaline, these rides go from cero to intenso in under one second. A carnival of devious tricks and haunted dreams presented by producers OMI and Rodrigo Bustamante. Featuring Promo, NeoX, Lady Damage and a Apocalyptic remix by NeoX, the Spanish hardcore crew welcomes you. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Welcome 2 Brokenland. The full length album by Broken Minds. Delivering the Spanish hardcore sound with 2016 force, these tracks are made to move. Step right up folks! Hurry up for a once in a lifetime show.
Broken Minds - Welcome 2 Brokenland (2016)
Gabber, Hard Dance, Hardcore, Hardstyle | The Third Movement Holland
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2016 | 00:51:05 | 121 Mb

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