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Neuro-hacking Your Brain-biocomputer with Subliminal Technology

Neuro-hacking Your Brain-biocomputer with Subliminal Technology | 1.30 GB
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If you have control of the human mind, you have control of everything. The most underrated criminal activity ever to have existed on planet Earth is the elites psychological warfare on the human mind. They now control your mind, but they will never control your spirit. When you realize that mind and body is not the same as your spirit and that infinite consciousness within, wether you are in your physical body or not, is infinite, then you can begin to take back control of your mind. Through information and greater awareness about MIND CONTROL and how it works, you can start a new path to take your own power back. It is estimated that almost 100% of the worlds population is under some kind of mind control and under the influence of mass indoctrination and electromagnetic frequencies.
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